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Cane River Creoles – Getting the Crawfish

When it’s in season, crawfish is a staple of the Creole diet, and behind the Delphin Big House, they harvest their very own right out of the ground.  After straightening out empty traps, we headed to the back woods to collect the traps already in the bayou, and bait and put out new ones.

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Cane River Creoles – Fishing on the Cane

“This river runs in my veins”  F.J. exclaimed as we headed out of the Cane.   F.J. and Phil were heading out to check their limb lines to see if they had caught anything over night.   A limb line is exactly as it sounds:  A line tied to a tree limb hanging over the water, with…

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Cane River Creoles – Meeting the Delphins

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Cane River Creoles – Woody’s B-Day Party 2009

This is where it all began.  On my first day in Natchitoches I met with Janet Colson of the Creole Heritage Center.  After telling her I was interested in a story about the Cane River Creoles she handed me off to her husband and direct Metoyer descendant, Oswald Colson.  He drove me all around the…

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