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Cane River Creoles – The Turtle

When you fish with limb lines sometimes you get more than you expect.  That was the case one morning when Phil and Woody went out to check on their lines.   As we slowly came upon one of the lines near the bank – they could tell they had hooked something big.  At first they thought…

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Cane River Creoles – The Hog

When the weather turns cold the LaCaze family goes hog hunting, and if they’re not shooting hogs, they’re trapping them.  When you collect hundreds of pounds of hog meat you can’t eat it all, and often times they’ll give it to friends.  So one afternoon Woody shows up with a wild boar in a cage…

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Cane River Creoles – Getting the Crawfish

When it’s in season, crawfish is a staple of the Creole diet, and behind the Delphin Big House, they harvest their very own right out of the ground.  After straightening out empty traps, we headed to the back woods to collect the traps already in the bayou, and bait and put out new ones.

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