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Cane River Creoles – The Hog

When the weather turns cold the LaCaze family goes hog hunting, and if they’re not shooting hogs, they’re trapping them.  When you collect hundreds of pounds of hog meat you can’t eat it all, and often times they’ll give it to friends.  So one afternoon Woody shows up with a wild boar in a cage he got from the LaCazes.   They normally don’t just slaughter and eat a boar right away.   The meat of a boar (a male hog) is much more musky and gamey than a sow.  So what do you do?  Effectively turn the boar into a sow by removing the testicles, which isn’t as easy as it sounds!  Then keep it penned up and well feed for about a month, giving the hormones time to filter out.  Then it’s ready for sausage and cracklins!

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